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[Architectural Record] Elmpark: Bucholz McEvoy Architects (November 2008)Journal Article
[Architectural record] The Venice Architecture Biennale 2018 (July 2018)Journal Article
[Architectural record] heneghan.peng.architects boldly pursue the most ambitious commissions (December 2003)Journal Article
[Architectural Record] Aras Chill Dara (2007)Journal Article
[Architectural record] With its Fingal County Hall, Bucholz McEvoy Architects signals Ireland's new role in a global society (2001)Journal Article
[Architectural record] Pavilion achieves security through transparency (February 2006)Journal Article
[Architectural Record] Limerick County Council (2007)Journal Article
[Architectural record] Snapshot: Mimetic House (April 2008)Journal Article
[Architectural record] Westmeath County Library Mullingar, Ireland (March 2011)Journal Article
[Architectural record] Dramatic revival (December 2014)Journal Article
[Architectural record] Picture perfect (April 2015)Journal Article
[Architectural record] In focus : Grimshaw's racecourse in Ireland (August 2019)Journal Article
[Architectural record] Change of heart : a soaring central atrium is the defining feature of an extensive museum renovation (March 2018)Journal Article
[Architectural record] Top of the class : a vertical campus for a new urban university rises to the occasion by fitting in (November 2015)Journal Article
[Architectural record] Founders of Grafton Architects win 2020 Pritzker prize (April 2020)Journal Article
[Architectural record] Dublin Docklands (December 2010)Journal Article
[Architectural record] Sheila O'Donnell and John Tuomey (November 2014)Journal Article
[Architectural record] Kevin Roche, FAIA, 1922-2019 (April 2019)Journal Article
[Architectural record] French toast (May 2020)Journal Article