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 Galway Technology CentreMervue Industrial Estate, Galway, Republic of Ireland
 Intel Ireland CampusLeixlip, Co Kildare, Republic of Ireland
 Carlow Regional Technical College - Business and Technology CentreCarlow, Republic of Ireland
 Cork Institute of TechnologyCork, Republic of Ireland
 Bantry LibraryBantry, Co Cork, Republic of Ireland
 Brewery Quarter Student AccommodationSouth Main Street, Cork, Republic of Ireland
 Dromineer Bay Hotel Conference CentreDromineer, Co Tipperary, Republic of Ireland
 Dundalk County MuseumDundalk, Co Louth, Republic of Ireland
 Dundalk Regional Technical College - Product Development UnitDundalk, Co Louth, Republic of Ireland
 Dundalk Regional Technical College - Dundalk Regional Development CentreDundalk, Co Louth, Republic of Ireland
 Green BuildingTemple Bar, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Irish Energy CentreGlasnevin, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Killykeen Forest Park - Holiday HousesLough Oughter, Co Cavan, Republic of Ireland
 Mallet's Iron MillPhibsborough, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Millstreet Country ParkCo Cork, Republic of Ireland
 National Botanic GardensGlasnevin, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 National Technological ParkPlessey, Limerick, Republic of Ireland
 PfizerRingaskiddy, Cork, Republic of Ireland
 River LiffeyCo Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Royal CanalRepublic of Ireland
 Shannon Turbine TechnologiesShannon, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland
 Tallaght Regional Technical CollegeTallaght, Co Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Tara MinesNavan, Co Meath, Republic of Ireland
 University of Limerick - Foundation BuildingLimerick, Republic of Ireland
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[Technology Ireland] Galway Technology Centre (July / August 1994)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] The growth of technology and science based industry in the South-West (February 1978)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] New part for faster chips (September 1993)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Carlow RTCs support for regional industry (October 1994)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Cork RTC : centres of excellence (November / December 1994)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] The canals of Ireland (October 1977)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Wind power in Ireland (December 1974)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] National Parks (April 1993)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] The building industry in Ireland (October 1976)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Nature reserves in Ireland : a comparison with the situation in Britain (June 1974)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Reinforced concrete in Ireland (December 1972)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Bantry Library (September 1974)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] (September 1992)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Quality in quality surroundings (October 1994)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Dundalk builds on tradition (July / August 1998)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Productive ideas (May 1994)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Dundalk Regional Development Centre (September 1994)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Dundalk's Regional Development Centre (July / August 1998)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] 'Green' building starts to grow (October 1993)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Green design: promoting sustainable design in Irish buildings (March 1997)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Killykeen Forest Park (November 1987)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Building the Royal Canal (April 1993)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Natural attractions (September 1995)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] The blooming botanics (June 1995)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] A decade of growth (November / December 1994)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Clean expansion (June 1994)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Riverrun (April 1997)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Building the Royal Canal (April 1993)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Shannon's aviation park (October 1993)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Meeting targets at RTC Tallaght (July / August 1994)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] The impact of mining on Navan (April 1981)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Combining art with science at Limerick (February 1994)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Irish Sea: British radioactivity (March 1985)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] How dirty is Dublin Bay? (November 1983)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Big rivers survive pollution pressure (March 1982)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Solar house, without gadgetry, wins Euro-award for Irish architects (January 1981)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] What future for recycling (September 1980)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Relating the future role of transport systems to the Irish environment (May 1975)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Building developments in Cork regenerate interest in Munster (November 1977)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Dublin windmills (May 1975)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Marcus Lynch's factory (June 1972)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Cork Harbour development (November 1972)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Use of stone in Irish buildings (April 1970)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Rapid growth for Irish timber (February 1991)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Combining heat and profits (March 1985)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Dublin's wilder side (July / August 1994)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Green fuel: set-aside, transport bio-fuel and ALTENER (July / August 1994)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Land decontamination (October 1994)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Promoting renewal energy (October 1994)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Protecting a hidden reserve (February 1995)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Waste control and disposal (February 1995)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Managing to save? (April 1993)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Hazardous waste (February 1993)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Constructed wetlands (June 1995)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Business without borders (September 1995)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Substantial player on the world stage (September 1995)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Waves of power (October 1996)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] An ancient Irish bridge (September 1996)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Taking stock : what future for the Irish fisheries? (November / December 1996)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] On the road (November / December 1996)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Solve your VOC emission problems (November / December 1996)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] The state of the ozone layer (November / December 1996)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Ports prepare for growth (March 1997)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Working wonders in Leitrim (April 1997)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] See how they flow (April 1997)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Strength from expertise (June 1997)Journal Article
[Technology Ireland] Renewable energy entering the 21st century (November / December 1996)Journal Article
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