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Selected works : Henchion + Reuter (2016)Book
Working title : an exhibition of the work of Henchion and Reuter Architects (2000)Book
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New Irish architecture 14 : AAI awards 1999 - Two rooftop apartments, Bonn (1999)Part of Book
[Plan] Pedestrian bridge on the River Salsach, Laufen, Germany (April 2008)Journal Article
[Architecture + Competitions] Creche, senior citizen housing and drug dependency clinic in Dublin (March 2008)Journal Article
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[Architecture Ireland] Pedestrian bridge on the River Salzach (May 2008)Journal Article
[Sub Urban to Super Rural] Demographics (2007)Journal Article
[Plan architectural review] Room in a long back garden, Dublin (2007)Journal Article
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[Architecture Ireland] FKL to Celtic Tiger : the future can be lean, organic, networked (October 2006)Journal Article
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[A10 : new European architecture] Youth services building, Tallaght (July / August 2005)Journal Article
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