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Journal TitlePassive House Plus
Article TitleBREEAM excellent building marries sustainability with world-class design
AuthorTikhoniouk, Ekaterina ; Colley, Jeff
Editor(s)Colley, Jeff
Contentdiagrams, photos, text
OrganisationGas Networks Ireland
Note(s)This sustainable gas networks centre comprises a 5,200 sqm two-storey block with five courtyards, green roof, vent shaft and renewables tower. The centre acts as an administration, parts storage and training centre for GNI and achieved a BREEAM rating of excellent.
Subject(s)sustainable architecture ; energy-efficient buildings ; renewable energy resources ; Building Energy Ratings ; Passivhaus ; photovoltaics ; airtightness ; office buildings ; open plan ; industrial training centres ; green roofs ; awards ; architectural competitions ; BREEAM
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