paddi quotes

For the modern period and literature of all kinds from theses to books and journals, the most comprehensive reference tool is PADDI or the Planning Architecture Design Database Ireland.
Christine Casey, Dublin (The buildings of Ireland), Yale University Press, 2005, p82.

PADDI is a real breakthrough for everyone concerned with Irish architecture, whatever the period. For the first time an e-index covers material published here, so one can now find references in minutes rather than hours. I think PADDI is an invaluable resource to complement the increasing profile of architecture in Ireland.
Wendy Barrett, Architecture Tutor, University College Dublin

It's up at the very top of my list of really useful sites. It's like a good friend, reliable, uncomplicated, interesting and most importantly, it's available when I need to find answers quickly. It really is a credit to those responsible.
Denis O'Kelly, Information Manager, Murray O'Laoire Architects

In most places contemporary and historic architecture is so well documented that it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. Not so in Ireland. Our records are few and widely scattered. Where others are confronted with a dense forest of information, we traverse a mostly barren landscape. Only a handful of experts know what resources exist and where to find them. PADDI is our internet-based guide or map to this world - not a mirage, but a virtual oasis in the middle of the desert.
Shane O'Toole, Architect and Critic

PADDI is rapidly becoming and no doubt will long remain an invaluable asset to those seeking information about Irish architecture, especially if, like myself, they have the misfortune to live outside Ireland.
Hugh Dixon, Historic Buildings Representative, The National Trust

PADDI has transformed the previously often tortuous task of locating material on planning issues in Ireland. It is a vital tool for researchers, students and local interest groups. It should be the first stop of choice for anyone looking for a complete range of information on towns, villages, even streets and on past and future development plans and policies.
Malachy McEldowney, Professor of Environmental Planning, Queen's University Belfast

PADDI, the Planning Architecture Design Database Ireland, is a rarity - a truly useful and unrivalled on-line database. It is fast becoming an indispensable tool for anyone seriously interested in architecture and planning in Ireland. It is unrivalled because the information it contains is simply not available elsewhere in such an easily accessible form and it is broad in scope and rich in texture.
Colum O'Riordan, Archive Administrator, Irish Architectural Archive

How did we ever do without it? PADDI is an invaluable source of bibliographic references to the built environment in the whole of Ireland. The producers are to be warmly congratulated on bringing to fruition an immensely ambitious project which has transformed research and information work in this field.
Lena Andrew, Information Manager, Building Design Partnership

Architects need quick, easy access to a wide range of information sources and, of course, they need this yesterday and without leaving their desks. No other database is dedicated to information on architecture and planning in Ireland. Do you want to find all the area plans in Northern Ireland? Do you want examples of recent hospital design in Ireland? PADDI's yer man.
Barrie Todd, Immediate Past President, Royal Society of Ulster Architects

Through my close relationship with Queen's University both teaching and examining, and through working as an architect in Northern Ireland, as well as through extensive travel across the Republic, I have come to deeply enjoy the rich tradition of architecture in Ireland. I have also witnessed the emergence of a reinterpreted vernacular which has been wonderful to see. The PADDI initiative will greatly assist all those who wish to better understand the traditional and contemporary architecture of Ireland. Until now the gathering of this information has been a frustrating and time-consuming exercise. PADDI will make life easier for all of us with an interest in the architecture of Ireland and will act as a template for anyone wishing to create a similar information resource. It is an excellent example of collaboration and co-operation and all those involved in its creation are to be highly commended.
Paul Hyett, President of the Royal Institute of British Architects