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[Administration] The politics of cross-border environmental pollution : the case of the Sellafield nuclear facility (Summer 2001)Journal Article
[Administration] On Derry's walls: segregation and space in Northern Ireland (Spring 1996)Journal Article
[Administration] Planning for disaster (Winter 1993 / 1994)Journal Article
[Administration] Housing in the Republic of Ireland: a review of trends and recent policy measures (Summer 1994)Journal Article
[Administration] Housing in Northern Ireland (Autumn 1994)Journal Article
[Administration] One county becomes three counties (Winter 1994 / 1995)Journal Article
[Administration] Industrial development and regional policy (Summer 1997)Journal Article
[Administration] The changing roles of Irish local authority managers (Winter 1997 / 1998)Journal Article
[Administration] Agriculture and the environment in Ireland: directions for the future (Spring 1998)Journal Article
[Administration] Tenant involvement in local authority estate management: a new policy for policy failure? (Summer 1998)Journal Article
[Administration] The affordability gap for housing in peripheral rural areas (Summer 1998)Journal Article
[Administration] Getting control of the planning process: a community initiative in health care planning (Summer 1998)Journal Article
[Administration] Public service reform and human resource management (Summer 1998)Journal Article
[Administration] Gendering rural development (Autumn 1998)Journal Article
[Administration] Towards a corporate state? Sean Lemass and the realignment of interest groups in the policy process 1948 - 1964 (Spring 1999)Journal Article
[Administration] Housing policy review 1998 (Summer 1999)Journal Article
[Administration] Making policy in Northern Ireland : a critique of strategy 2010 (Autumn 1999)Journal Article
[Administration] Local authority cross-border networks : lessons in partnership in north-south co-operation in Ireland (Spring 2000)Journal Article
[Administration] Partnership and integrated development in rural Ireland (Spring 2000)Journal Article
[Administration] PJ Meghen and approved local councils : a neglected experiment in community development (Summer 2000)Journal Article
[Administration] Which way for voluntary housing associations in Ireland? (Autumn 2000)Journal Article
[Administration] Local Government Bill 2000 : implications for municipal authorities : another false pregnancy? (Autumn 2000)Journal Article
[Administration] What future for social housing in Northern Ireland in the twenty-first century? (Autumn 2000)Journal Article
[Administration] Review of developments in the public sector in 2000 (Winter 2000 / 2001)Journal Article
[Administration] Regenerating run-down public housing estates : a review of the operation of the Remedial Works Scheme (Spring 2001)Journal Article
[Administration] Value for money in Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) : myth and reality (Spring 2001)Journal Article
[Administration] Housing and social inclusion : democratising the local authority and the tenant community relationship (Autumn 2001)Journal Article
[Administration] Evaluating the economic and social effects of the Seaside Resort Areas Scheme : a case study of Courtown, County Wexford (Autumn 2001)Journal Article
[Administration] The white paper on governance : the challenge for central and local government (Spring 2002)Journal Article
[Administration] From social exclusion to social inclusion? tracing the historical development of social citizenship in the north and south of Ireland (Summer 2002)Journal Article
[Administration] European standards and waste management in Ireland : examining the local implementation deficit (Summer 2002)Journal Article
[Administration] Advancing waste management beyond crisis (Autumn 2002)Journal Article
[Administration] Neighbourhood renewal in small town Northern Ireland (Winter 2002 / 2003)Journal Article
[Administration] Social partnership in Irish local authorities ; attitudes and outcomes (Winter 2003 / 2004)Journal Article
[Administration] Coping with complexity : implications of the transition from local government to local governance for management styles (Spring 2004)Journal Article
[Administration] Local government anti-poverty initiatives in the Republic of Ireland : a critical review of policy, practice and prospects for future development (Autumn 2003)Journal Article
[Administration] Researching the political and cultural influence of the transnational pharmaceutical industry in Ireland (Autumn 2004)Journal Article
[Administration] Local government reform in Ireland 1996-2004 : a critical analysis (Autumn 2004)Journal Article
[Administration] Celtic Tiger growth creates a new breed of holidaymaker (2006)Journal Article
[Administration] The public value of public involvement: insights from participatory village planning in Ireland (2005)Journal Article
[Administration] Mapping the Gaeltacht: towards a geographical definition of the Irish-speaking districts (2005)Journal Article
[Administration] The need for social housing in peripheral rural areas (2006)Journal Article
[Administration] Local authority housing rents : equity, affordability and effectiveness (2006)Journal Article
[Administration] The Europeanisation of Irish environmental policy : the EU as the engine of domestic policy change (2007)Journal Article
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