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 Dublin Castle - Conference CentreDublin, Republic of Ireland
 Kilrush MarinaKilrush, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland
 Midleton Gas Compressor StationMidleton, Co Cork, Republic of Ireland
 SandozRingaskiddy, Co Cork, Republic of Ireland
 Shannon Airport - Aeroflot HangarsShannon, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland
 Shannon BridgeAthlone, Co Westmeath, Republic of Ireland
 University College Dublin - Belfield - School of EngineeringBelfield, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Asahi Fibre and Spinning PlantTawnaghmore, Killala, Co Mayo, Republic of Ireland
 M1, Northern IrelandAntrim, Northern Ireland
 National Botanic Gardens - Curvilinear RangeGlasnevin, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Pfizer - Organic Synthesis Plants - OSP4Ringaskiddy, Cork, Republic of Ireland
 Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy BridgeBallyverneen, Co. Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland
 Central Bank of Ireland Headquarters [Dame Street]Dame Street, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Dublin City Council Civic OfficesWood Quay, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Liffey Valley BridgeDublin, Ireland
 Trinity College Dublin - Arts Faculty BuildingDublin, Republic of Ireland
 Waterford Crystal - FactoryDungarvan, Co Waterford, Republic of Ireland
 Connswater Community GreenwayBelfast, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland
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[Arup journal] Dublin Castle restoration (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Kilrush Creek Marina (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Natural gas compressor station, Cork (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Sandoz pharmaceutical plant, Cork (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Hangars for Aeroflot (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] The Shannon Bridge, Athlone (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] University College Dublin, Engineering School (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] The Custom House Docks development, Dublin (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Asahi Fibre and Spinning Plant, Tawnaghmore, Killala, Co Mayo (October 1982)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Westlink / M1, Northern Ireland (2009)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Turner's glasshouse restoration, National Botanic Garden, Dublin (1996)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Pfizer OSP4, Ringaskiddy, Ireland (February 2003)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Sandoz Ringaskiddy Ltd, Cork (1995)Journal Article
[Arup journal] New connections (2021)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Irish racourse projects (2000)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Central Bank, Dublin (April 1980)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Dublin Civic Offices, phase 2 (1996)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Liffey Valley Bridge (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Arts and Social Sciences Building, Trinity College Dublin (April 1979)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Waterford Glass Ltd (April 1981)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Reconnecting communities (2020)Journal Article
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