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 Dublin Castle - Conference CentreDublin, Republic of Ireland
 Kilrush MarinaKilrush, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland
 Midleton Gas Compressor StationMidleton, Co Cork, Republic of Ireland
 SandozRingaskiddy, Co Cork, Republic of Ireland
 Shannon Airport - Aeroflot HangarsShannon, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland
 Shannon BridgeAthlone, Co Westmeath, Republic of Ireland
 University College Dublin - Belfield - School of EngineeringBelfield, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Asahi Fibre and Spinning PlantTawnaghmore, Killala, Co Mayo, Republic of Ireland
 M1, Northern IrelandAntrim, Northern Ireland
 National Botanic Gardens - Curvilinear RangeGlasnevin, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Pfizer - Organic Synthesis Plants - OSP4Ringaskiddy, Cork, Republic of Ireland
 Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy BridgeBallyverneen, Co. Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland
 Kinsale Area Gas FieldsKinsale Head, Ireland
 Central PlazaDame Street, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Dublin City Council Civic OfficesWood Quay, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Liffey Valley BridgeDublin, Ireland
 Trinity College Dublin - Arts Faculty BuildingDublin, Republic of Ireland
 Waterford Crystal - FactoryDungarvan, Co Waterford, Republic of Ireland
 Connswater Community GreenwayBelfast, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland
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[Arup journal] Dublin Castle restoration (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Kilrush Creek Marina (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Natural gas compressor station, Cork (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Sandoz pharmaceutical plant, Cork (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Hangars for Aeroflot (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] The Shannon Bridge, Athlone (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] University College Dublin, Engineering School (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] The Custom House Docks development, Dublin (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Asahi Fibre and Spinning Plant, Tawnaghmore, Killala, Co Mayo (October 1982)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Westlink / M1, Northern Ireland (2009)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Turner's glasshouse restoration, National Botanic Garden, Dublin (1996)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Pfizer OSP4, Ringaskiddy, Ireland (February 2003)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Sandoz Ringaskiddy Ltd, Cork (1995)Journal Article
[Arup journal] New connections (2021)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Kinsale Head decommissioning, Ireland : gas field facility removed from head to toe : decommissioning Ireland's first indigenous gas fields (2023)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Irish racourse projects (2000)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Central Bank, Dublin (April 1980)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Dublin Civic Offices, phase 2 (1996)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Liffey Valley Bridge (1990)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Arts and Social Sciences Building, Trinity College Dublin (April 1979)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Waterford Glass Ltd (April 1981)Journal Article
[Arup journal] Reconnecting communities (2020)Journal Article
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