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 Inchydoney Island Lodge and SpaInchydoney, Co Cork, Republic of Ireland
 Ballycogley Wind FarmBallycogley, Co Wexford, Republic of Ireland
 Clonburris, Co. Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Tralee Motor Tax OfficeTralee, Co Kerry, Rpeublic of Ireland
 Anarget PlantCo Donegal, Republic of Ireland
 Barnesmore Wind FarmBarnesmore Gap, Co Donegal, Republic of Ireland

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[Energy update] Implementation of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive in Ireland (Winter 2005 - 2006)Journal Article
[Energy update] Luxury hotel warms to wood pellets (Winter 2005 - 2006)Journal Article
[Energy update] Focus on the Energy Research Group UCD (1996)Journal Article
[Energy update] The energy behind the Cloughjordan Ecovillage (Winter-Spring 2008)Journal Article
[Energy update] Future proofing Irish homes: 200 low energy houses in Cork (Winter 2006-2007)Journal Article
[Energy update] Ireland's passion for passive homes (Winter 2005 - 2006)Journal Article
[Energy update] Balancing local and global (2001)Journal Article
[Energy update] South Dublin County Council's sustainable vision for Clonburris (Winter-Spring 2008)Journal Article
[Energy update] Kerry gets green (2001)Journal Article
[Energy update] Analysis : biofuels in Ireland (Winter 2001)Journal Article
[Energy update] From cow to car - the future of fuel (Winter-Spring 2008)Journal Article
[Energy update] Ireland on the crest of a wave (Winter-Spring 2008)Journal Article
[Energy update] Passive is massive the whole world over (Winter 2006-2007)Journal Article
[Energy update] New wind farms come on line (1997)Journal Article
[Energy update] New wind farms come on line (1997)Journal Article
[Energy update] Reaching consensus at Carnsore (2001)Journal Article
[Energy update] Solar homes (Winter 2001)Journal Article
[Energy update] New wind farms come on line (1997)Journal Article
[Energy update] Ireland moves towards eco toursim (Winter-Spring 2008)Journal Article
[Energy update] Rural power pioneers sail into the wind (Winter 2006-2007)Journal Article
[Energy update] Wind can flourish in an undistorted market (Winter 2006-2007)Journal Article
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