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[Environment and planning A] Double exposures and decision-making : adaptation policy and planning in Ireland's coastal cities during a boom-bust cycle (June 2013)Journal Article
[Environment and planning A] Risky policies : local contestation of mainstream flood risk management approaches in Ireland (2017)Journal Article
[Environment and planning A] Manufacturing plant closures : a dynamic survival model (1987)Journal Article
[Environment and planning A] Does the housing market reflect cultural heritage? a case study of Greater Dublin (December 2013)Journal Article
[Environment and Planning A] The interaction between consumer response and urban design : empirical results from Belfast (2001)Journal Article
[Environment and planning A] Placing neoliberalism : the rise and fall of Ireland's Celtic Tiger (January 2012)Journal Article
[Environment and planning A] Factors influencing new business formation : a case study of Northern Ireland (1983)Journal Article
[Environment and planning A] Using census data : religion as a key variable in studies of Northern Ireland (April 1995)Journal Article
[Environment and planning A] The incidence and nature of redundancy in the Northern Ireland shipbuilding industry 1972 - 1983 (1986)Journal Article
[Environment and planning A] Space and society in Northern Ireland : the geography of journey to work (1984)Journal Article
[Environment and planning A] Heterosexism and the geographies of everyday life in Belfast, Northern Ireland (2003)Journal Article
[Environment and planning A] Residential segregation in Northern Ireland in 2001 : assessing the value of exploring spatial variations (January 2012)Journal Article