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[Housing review] Northern Ireland housing policy review : building on Success? (March / April 1996)Journal Article
[Housing review] Tackling social segregation in Irish housing (March / April 1996)Journal Article
[Housing review] Hillfort Street self-build scheme (May / June 1985)Journal Article
[Housing review] Belfast housing renewal strategy: a comment (March / April 1983)Journal Article
[Housing review] The built environment of social housing in Northern Ireland (March / April 1995)Journal Article
[Housing review] Renewal in a divided city (July / August 1996)Journal Article
[Housing review] Shared ownership in Northern Ireland: the first five years of the Co-ownership Housing Association (September / October 1985)Journal Article
[Housing review] Housing allocation and practice in Northern Ireland (January / February 1985)Journal Article
[Housing review] Points for rent in Northern Ireland (November / December 1982)Journal Article
[Housing review] Housing in Northern Ireland (May / June 1982)Journal Article
[Housing review] Sheltered housing in Belfast : an appraisal of Northern Ireland Housing Executive schemes (May / June 1982)Journal Article
[Housing review] (March / April 1982)Journal Article
[Housing review] The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (May / June 1973)Journal Article
[Housing review] Private housebuilding in greater Belfast, the not so anomalous region (January / February 1990)Journal Article
[Housing review] Belfast Housing Renewal Strategy (September / October 1984)Journal Article
[Housing review] The voluntary housing movement in Northern Ireland : progress, problems and prospects (September / October 1983)Journal Article
[Housing review] Housing a divided community (May / June 1982)Journal Article
[Housing review] Dwelling unfitness in Northern Ireland : changes since 1974 (May / June 1982)Journal Article
[Housing review] Housing administration in Northern Ireland (November / December 1971)Journal Article
[Housing review] Northern Ireland housing : number one priority but for how much longer? (March 1986)Journal Article
[Housing review] Housing policy in Northern Ireland : an interview with the Minister, Chris Patten MP (September / October 1985)Journal Article
[Housing review] Low cost home ownership in Northern Ireland with special reference to homesteading (March / April 1984)Journal Article
[Housing review] Northern Ireland : the housing scene - a message from the Rt Hon James Prior MP (May / June 1982)Journal Article
[Housing review] House price change and private sector housebuilding in Northern Ireland (November / December 1991)Journal Article
[Housing review] The effect of shared ownership on the private housing market in Northern Ireland (May / June 1990)Journal Article
[Housing review] Building a better Belfast (38 (1) January / February 1989)Journal Article
[Housing review] Facing an uncertain future (July / August 1989)Journal Article
[Housing review] Private house building activity in Northern Ireland (May / June 1987)Journal Article
[Housing review] A people's plan for Ballysally ? (September / October 1986)Journal Article
[Housing review] Municipalisation as an alternative to compulsory improvement in HAAs: experience in Belfast (May / June 1982)Journal Article
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