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[Housing studies] Living in precarious housing : non-standard employment and housing careers of young professionals in Ireland (2021)Journal Article
[Housing studies] Devolving housing policy and practice in Northern Ireland 1998 - 2002 (2003)Journal Article
[Housing Studies] Demographic trends and changing housing systems in Northern Ireland (November 2018)Journal Article
[Housing studies] Integrated social housing in Northern Ireland (November 2001)Journal Article
[Housing studies] Women, public housing and inequality: a Northern Ireland perspective (1997)Journal Article
[Housing studies] Planning for anywhere: housing policy in Northern Ireland (1998)Journal Article
[Housing studies] Housing associations in the Republic of Ireland : can they respond to the Government's challenge for major expansion? (2000)Journal Article
[Housing studies] Accommodating Irish Travellers : the public policy gap in site provision and housing in Northern Ireland (1999)Journal Article
[Housing studies] National, regional and local patterns in the residualisation of the social rented tenure: the case of Ireland and Dublin (January 2004)Journal Article
[Housing studies] Dynamics of policy-making under UK devolution : social housing in Northern Ireland (October 2013)Journal Article
[Housing studies] Religion and residential search behaviour in the Belfast urban area (1998)Journal Article
[Housing studies] Government intervention and impact on the housing market in greater Dublin (November 2001)Journal Article
[Housing Studies] Housing affordability in the Republic of Ireland: Is planning part of the problem or part of the solution? (January 2007)Journal Article
[Housing studies] Drivers of rising housing allowance claimant numbers: evidence from the Irish private rented sector (January 2008)Journal Article
[Housing studies] Landlord attitudes to the private rented sector in Ireland : survey results (2017)Journal Article
[Housing studies] From undivided cities to undivided cities : assimilation to ethnic cleansing (1999)Journal Article
[Housing studies] House price diffusion : an application of spectral analysis to the prices of Irish second-hand dwellings (September 2013)Journal Article
[Housing studies] House prices and accessibility: the testing of relationships with the Belfast urban area (2000)Journal Article
[Housing studies] The extent of the mortgage crisis in Ireland and policy responses (2014)Journal Article
[Housing studies] We're just existing, not living! : mortgage stress and the concealed costs of coping with crisis (2017)Journal Article