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 Forest HillCarrigaline, Co Cork, Republic of Ireland
 Clarion Quay ApartmentsMayor Square, Clarion Quay, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Peabody HousingSilvertown, London, England
 Ard Michael WoodsBallinalee Road, Longford, Republic of Ireland
 Auburn VillageBallymahon, Co Longford, Republic of Ireland
 Killeagh GardensKilleagh, Co Cork, Republic of Ireland
 PrintworksTemple Bar, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Dunboyne Castle Hotel & SpaDunboyne, Co Meath, Republic of Ireland
 Eyre Square CentreEyre Square, Galway, Republic of Ireland
 KilminchyDublin Road, Portlaoise, Co Laois, Republic of Ireland
 Spring Well GardensTralee, Co Kerry, Republic of Ireland
 The LodgesKillowen, Co. Kerry, Republic of Ireland
 The Old DistilleryBeresford Street, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 The Wooden BuildingExchange Street Upper, Temple Bar, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Annaghdown CastleCo Galway, Republic of Ireland
 Archers WoodDublin, Republic of Ireland
 Ballymorris CourtPortarlington, Co Laois, Republic of Ireland
 CastlewardCo Down, Northern Ireland
 Corabbey CourtMidleton, Co Cork, Republic of Ireland
 Fortfield SquareTerenure, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Great South WallRingsend, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Haddington MewsHaddington Place, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Hampton SquareNavan Road, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Hatley ManorCarrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim, Republic of Ireland
 Isolde's TowerEssex Quay, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Mature TreesMoate, Co Westmeath, Republic of Ireland
 Old Connaught HouseBray, Co Wicklow, Republic of Ireland
 Park ViewStepaside, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Pembroke SquareGrand Canal Street, Barrow Street, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Phoenix Park RacecourseDublin, Republic of Ireland
 Sallins BridgeSallins, Co Kildare, Republic of Ireland
 South GateCork Street, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 St Crispin'sGreystones, Co Wicklow, Republic of Ireland
 The ElysianAlbert Street / Eglinton Street, Cork, Republic of Ireland
 WatermintOld Bray Road, Cabinteely, Co Dublin, Republic of Ireland
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[Housing times] Astra developer quietly confident for the future (Spring 2009)Journal Article
[Housing times] Clarion Quay on Dublin docklands awarded architecture siliver medal for housing (Summer 2007)Journal Article
[Housing Times] Meeting the mixed tenure challenge (Summer 2005)Journal Article
[Housing Times] Winners of the RIAI housing awards (Summer 2005)Journal Article
[Housing times] Government urged to restore confidence and prevent shortage (Winter 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Assessing site context to maximise potential (Winter 2000)Journal Article
[Housing times] Docklands offers template for density and mixed housing challenges (Summer 2001)Journal Article
[Housing Times] Wexford low cost housing (Summer 2005)Journal Article
[Housing times] Correction continues (Autumn 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] Government urged to help restore activity in the housing sector (Autumn 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] New grants for low carbon housing (Autumn 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] Tracing the Irish love of stone (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Longford houses built to high levels of energy efficiency (Summer 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Romantic aura in house of tomorrow (Summer 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Innovative approach to energy efficient houses in Cork (Summer 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Over the shop development wins major architectural housing award (Summer 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Housing market growth may be slowing but expansion should continue (Autumn 1997)Journal Article
[Housing times] Improving density at Docklands could help meet housing demand (January 1998)Journal Article
[Housing times] New county housing strategies will provide valuable local information (Spring 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Single people increase their share of the housing market to more than 60pc (Summer 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Housing densities of up to 150 in some Dublin area action plans (Autumn 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Housing industry in for roller coaster few years (Autumn 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Housing activity outpacing overall economy (October / November 2002)Journal Article
[Housing times] The need for higher density housing intensifies (Spring 2003)Journal Article
[Housing times] Do infills really need to adopt redbrick in a Victorian setting? (Spring 2003)Journal Article
[Housing times] Inner city apartment wins RIAI Housing Medal (Summer 2003)Journal Article
[Housing times] Whither Foxrock? (Spring 2004)Journal Article
[Housing times] Housing starts continue to break new records (Autumn 2004)Journal Article
[Housing Times] House and site swaps to generate quick sales (Summer 2005)Journal Article
[Housing times] IHBA seeks streamlining of Part V housing (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Record first half seen in housing registrations (Summer 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Pace of housing output to slow in short term (Autumn 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Hanover Quay project wins best housing award at RIAI's architecture awards (Summer 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] What could revive the Irish housing market? (Winter 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Finance and funding critical to housing market pick-up (Winter 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Challenges of forecasting future supply trends (Spring 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] Impact of recent court cases on Part V obligations (Spring 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] New guidance for taking in charge of residential developments (Spring 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] Time and design delivers for spacious Malahide houses (Summer 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] New landmark for Cork's western suburbs (Summer 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] Demand underpins hope for the future (Summer 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] Westport project wins design plaudits (Autumn 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] An Bord Pleanala approves 300 new homes despite local authority refusal (Autumn 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] Population growth will continue to underpin demand for housing (Spring 2009)Journal Article
[Housing times] Menolly's flagship hotel sets scene for Dunboyne development (Summer 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Joint venture development will offer new opportunities (April / May 1998)Journal Article
[Housing times] How to offer 43 different house varieties and still stay slim on top (Spring 2000)Journal Article
[Housing times] Farnes project reaches final of LAMA awards (Spring 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] High class development in keeping with heritage town (Spring 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] Very high density development achieved in Dublin 7 (Summer 2003)Journal Article
[Housing Times] Apartment building wins award despite original height being reduced (Summer 2005)Journal Article
[Housing times] More than 260,000 new homes needed within nine years (Autumn 1997)Journal Article
[Housing times] Housing still more affordable than in 1992 (January 1998)Journal Article
[Housing times] Record year for housing in '94: outlook for '95 encouraging (February 1995)Journal Article
[Housing times] Another record year in 1995: housing market returns to more 'normal' conditions in 1996 (February 1996)Journal Article
[Housing times] How to improve density efficiency (Autumn 1999)Journal Article
[Housing times] Balbriggan integrated area plan : Balbriggan to attract developers to provide more than 7000 new homes (Summer 2000)Journal Article
[Housing times] Market for development land softens on uncertainties and credit cautions (Winter 2000)Journal Article
[Housing times] New Homebond service launched (Winter 2000)Journal Article
[Housing times] Supply shows signs of slower growth in second half (Winter 2000)Journal Article
[Housing times] Activity slows from hectic pace (Winter 2000)Journal Article
[Housing times] Navan City will need 6500 houses as population grows to 80,000 (Winter 2000)Journal Article
[Housing times] Foundations of demand weaken (Spring 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] More than 11,000 new homes needed in Waterford (Spring 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] No joy in the early months of the year (Spring 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Tax incentives play a key role in short-term outlook for market (Spring 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Caution: slowdown in house building spreading (Summer 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Decline gathers momentum (Summer 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Increases in new members outpace levels of new housing starts (Summer 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Short of development funds? talk to your county manager (Autumn 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Sharp slowdown in activity continues (Autumn 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Supply levelling in Dublin but decline accelerates in GDA (Autumn 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] New housing insulation standards to be implemented earlier than expected (Autumn 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Four firms undertake development of 2000 homes estate (Autumn 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Early review of county houdsing strategies may be needed (Autumn 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] No 150 Howth Road : a model for high density infill urban development (Spring 2002)Journal Article
[Housing times] Slowdown in house building activity likely (Summer 2003)Journal Article
[Housing times] Innovative response to challenges of mountainside village (Winter 2003)Journal Article
[Housing times] Addressing the challenges of a compact development on a riverside site (Winter 2003)Journal Article
[Housing times] Record output levels continue (Spring 2004)Journal Article
[Housing times] Adamstown provides innovative approach to integrated planning (Spring 2005)Journal Article
[Housing times] Firm footings (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Supply improves in commuter belt but slows in Dublin (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Irish Agrement Board certifies four building systems suited to housing industry (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Developers to be allowed for their costs and reasonable profit for Part V homes (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Little sign of cooling (Summer 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Strong demand to underpin price growth until 2015 (Summer 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Coming off the boil (Autumn 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Designing homes which enhance the health of residents (Autumn 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Taking in charge of estates (Autumn 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Market correction continues (Summer 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Where are the houses going? (Summer 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Increased energy standards to become mandatory for new homes (Summer 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Bord Pleanala encourages higher density (Summer 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Builders withdraw co-operation on direct sale of Part V affordable homes (Summer 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Draft building regulations to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions (Winter 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] New property services authority aims to improve transparency for sellers and buyers (Winter 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Dublin Council identifies opportunities for greater development densities (Spring 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] E-Towns initiative gathers momentum (Spring 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] New guidelines for residential planning (Summer 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] Need for Government resources to support aspects of planning guidelines (Summer 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] New HomeBond insurance service to replace warranties (Autumn 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] Dynamics of market begin to change (Spring 2009)Journal Article
[Housing times] Restoring Annaghdown Castle beyond its former glory (Autumn 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Atrium over corridor provides natural light on interior walls (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Ballymorris Court (Winter 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] When the back looks as good as the front (Summer 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Cruciform layout of blocks opens new vistas for apartment dwellers (Spring 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Fortfield Square blends new development into mature area (Winter 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Without tar or cement (Spring 2005)Journal Article
[Housing times] Oval features provide linkage when designing a house with single storey and three storey levels (Winter 2000)Journal Article
[Housing times] Fitting three storeys into a crescent layout (Winter 2000)Journal Article
[Housing times] A romantic home fit for a Dublin princess (Autumn 2005)Journal Article
[Housing times] Concrete moves towards zero carbon homes (Autumn 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] The Connaught House experience (Summer 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Structural pods achieve innovative apartment developments (Autumn 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Pembroke Square impresses buyers (Autumn 1997)Journal Article
[Housing times] Phoenix Park Racecourse the newest prestigious residences of Castleknock (Autumn 2004)Journal Article
[Housing times] Sallins Bridge offers commuters canal side lifestyles (April / May 1998)Journal Article
[Housing times] Castlepark construction incorporates public sculpture at Dublin development (Summer 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Select scheme at Greystones (Autumn 1997)Journal Article
[Housing times] O'Flynn developments reach new heights in Cork (Autumn 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] Innovative approach to sustainability and promotion (Spring 2009)Journal Article
[Housing times] Soft landing and high rise apartments foreseen by Fingleton (Autumn 1997)Journal Article
[Housing times] New practices to protect homes against radon (Autumn 1997)Journal Article
[Housing times] Where to now: boom or bust? (April / May 1998)Journal Article
[Housing times] Affordability continues to decline to '92 levels (April / May 1998)Journal Article
[Housing times] Planning system on trial: action needed to prevent paralysis (April / May 1998)Journal Article
[Housing times] Steps to develop areas of Dublin City with good potential (April / May 1998)Journal Article
[Housing times] Will Bacon take the sizzle out of house prices: the Bacon Report (April / May 1998)Journal Article
[Housing times] Suspended concrete and timber ground floor construction for domestic dwellings (April / May 1998)Journal Article
[Housing times] Joint venture development will offer new opportunities (April / May 1998)Journal Article
[Housing times] Joint venture development will offer new opportunities (April / May 1998)Journal Article
[Housing times] Rate cuts and Budget auger [ sic ie augur ] well for 1998 (January 1998)Journal Article
[Housing times] Signs of action on land availability (January 1998)Journal Article
[Housing times] Foundations in low rise dwellings (January 1998)Journal Article
[Housing times] Positionning of letterboxes (Winter 2000)Journal Article
[Housing times] Use of new materials and new building systems (Winter 2000)Journal Article
[Housing times] (Spring 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Objections from Fishery Boards (Spring 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Warning on new systems (Summer 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Creches present new tax opportunities and could attract more families to apartment living (Summer 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Smart home is coming soon to a building site near you (Summer 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Opportunities for three large urban renewal projects (Autumn 2001)Journal Article
[Housing times] Pace of house building activity needs to slow (Spring 2003)Journal Article
[Housing times] Most counties continue to increase starts but three cities show signs of easing (Spring 2003)Journal Article
[Housing times] Soft landing achievable (Autumn 2004)Journal Article
[Housing times] New energy standards and certification for buildings (Autumn 2004)Journal Article
[Housing times] Authorities differ in their treatment of live / work units (Autumn 2005)Journal Article
[Housing Times] New energy ratings for homes next year (Summer 2005)Journal Article
[Housing times] The apartment sizes debate hots up (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Changes in building regulations explained in latest edition of House Building Manual (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Changes to fire safety guidance (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Key dates for energy ratings on new homes (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] A tale of two brothers, Pat and Sean Flanagan (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Development land costs unaffected by Bord Pleanala refusals (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Additional obligations arising from draft Safety Health & Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2006 (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Developers need to be aware of the limitations of consultants' professional indemnity insurance (Summer 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] House of Tomorrow supports over 3,000 new homes (Summer 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Changes in energy standards leads to update on TGD L (Summer 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] How to address challenges of tall buildings (Autumn 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Growth lifts Elliott to entrepreneurs' final (Autumn 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] How developers can help reduce service charges (Autumn 2006)Journal Article
[Housing times] Installing proprietary floor joists (Summer 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Dublin City Council publishes draft apartment design guidelines (Summer 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] New handbook for building energy efficient concrete home (Summer 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Some energy systems exempted from planning rules (Summer 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Beware stamp duty changes on development land (Summer 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Authorisation of connections to the underground services does not confer a right of trespass (Winter 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Apartment design guidelines differ (Winter 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] Dealing with the challenges of mixed developments (Winter 2007)Journal Article
[Housing times] The revised Part L - what you need to do to comply (Spring 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] Demand for solar energy escalates (Spring 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] New concrete guidelines on fire protection, safety and energy efficient buildings (Spring 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] Airtightedness can reduce energy costs and also reduce moisture problems (Summer 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] Cosgraves set pace with energy saving flagship development (Summer 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] New ICF system avails of EPS to deliver high energy efficiency (Autumn 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] KORE insulating concrete formwork system (Autumn 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] Limiting thermal bridging and air infiltration (Autumn 2008)Journal Article
[Housing times] Irish households reduce their carbon and energy trends (Spring 2009)Journal Article
[Housing times] Limiting thermal bridging and air infiltration : acceptable construction details (Spring 2009)Journal Article
[Housing times] How tax management can help with the challenge of development land values (Spring 2009)Journal Article
[Housing times] Building Energy Rating (BER) certificates - practical implications when dealing with your conveyancing solicitor (Spring 2009)Journal Article
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