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 Ulster American Folk ParkOmagh, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland
 Boyne Valley Visitor CentreDonore, Co Meath, Republic of Ireland
 River LiffeyCo Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 The Gweedore HotelGweedore, Co Donegal, Republic of Ireland

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[Irish Geography] Territoriality on the Shankill-Falls divide : being wise after the event? (November 2008)Journal Article
[Irish Geography] Sympathies, apathies and antipathies : the Falls-Shankill Divide (November 2008)Journal Article
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[Irish geography] Health, place and Hanly : modelling accessibility to hospitals in Ireland (2006)Journal Article
[Irish geography] Health GIS in the mid-west : unexpected developments and directions (2006)Journal Article
[Irish geography] Angling resources in Lough Derg and Lough Corrib (2006)Journal Article
[Irish geography] Changing religions in the Republic of Ireland, 1991-2002 (2006)Journal Article
[Irish geography] Shooting Ireland : the American tourism market and promotional film (2006)Journal Article
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[Irish geography] Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) : a tool for environmental decision-making (2007)Journal Article
[Irish geography] Using GIS to map the evolution of the Gaeltacht (2007)Journal Article
[Irish geography] Statistical downscaling of temperature, radiation and potential evapotranspiration to produce a multiple GCM ensemble mean for a selection of sites in Ireland (March 2008)Journal Article
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[Irish geography] Experiencing Dublin's Docklands: perceptions of employment and amenity changes in the Sheriff Street community (2012)Journal Article
[Irish geography] The 1911 Census and Dublin city: a spatial analysis (2011)Journal Article
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