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[Planning] What Northern Ireland's reshuffle means for planning (17 June 2016)Journal Article
[Planning] Pushing the limits : Northern Ireland planners need to make sure enough land is on tap for economic growth (12 November 1999)Journal Article
[Planning] The urban - rural debate : an Irish perspective (26 July 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Is there something we can learn from Ireland's planning system? (31 October 2003)Journal Article
[Planning] Ulsterman's journey (9 April 2004)Journal Article
[Planning] A radical landscape for planning reform across Northern Ireland (14 June 2013)Journal Article
[Planning] Ulster town and country planning up for scrutiny (24 November 1995)Journal Article
[Planning] Ireland: planning at the millennium - staying ahead of the game on quality front (13 June 2000)Journal Article
[Planning] Outlining the overhaul (2 June 2000)Journal Article
[Planning] Tighter mast rules for Northern Ireland (19 April 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Trust aiming to reverse Irish democratic deficit (6 June 2003)Journal Article
[Planning] Building block for levy rises (23 April 2004)Journal Article
[Planning] Northern Ireland's reforms prompt move for planning roles education (12 December 2008)Journal Article
[Planning] Northern Ireland planning recognised (26 March 2012)Journal Article
[Planning] A man apart (24 February 2012)Journal Article
[Planning] Planning committee lifts lid on democratic deficit (26 April 1996)Journal Article
[Planning] Planning across the great divide (8 May 1998)Journal Article
[Planning] Ireland: planning at the millennium - forming a framework to create connections (13 June 2000)Journal Article
[Planning] Ireland: planning at the millennium - meeting community need in a divided community (13 June 2000)Journal Article
[Planning] Framing the future of a province (19 November 1999)Journal Article
[Planning] Opportunity beckons (20 July 2001)Journal Article
[Planning] Clarity and speed for a modern new province (22 February 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Waste management in Ireland : a new approach (3 May 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Irish gas field halted by local concerns (16 May 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] National Trust shows up environmental disaster (2 April 2004)Journal Article
[Planning] Northern Ireland poised for power shift (25 November 2005)Journal Article
[Planning] Northern Ireland Executive loosens home improvement restrictions (08 April 2011)Journal Article
[Planning] A man apart (24 February 2012)Journal Article
[Planning] Northern Ireland strategy set out in draft policy statement (28 February 2014)Journal Article
[Planning] Service slated over Belfast tower case (1801)Journal Article
[Planning] Controversial Dublin spire starts on site (3 May 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Northern Ireland celebrates sustainable planning projects (9 April 2013)Journal Article
[Planning] Walling factions (24 September 1984)Journal Article
[Planning] Direct rule winning in Belfast regeneration (14 September 1990)Journal Article
[Planning] Belfast picks up opportunity for positive planning (14 July 1995)Journal Article
[Planning] Belfast looks for shared vision of city and region (9 February 1995)Journal Article
[Planning] Ulster planners not up to speed on control targets (8 December 1995)Journal Article
[Planning] All-party round up: election special - the planning priorities, policies and promises of Northern Ireland's main political party players (25 April 1997)Journal Article
[Planning] A policy push to cope with growth pressure (16 June 2000)Journal Article
[Planning] Feeling the pressure : hard-pressed Irish planners are having to cope with both growth demands and a shady reputation in the media (7 April 2000)Journal Article
[Planning] Northern Ireland : realising potential in the north-west (5 November 1999)Journal Article
[Planning] Northern Ireland : the province plans for the year 2025 (26 March 1999)Journal Article
[Planning] Irish system faces a state of collapse (15 June 2001)Journal Article
[Planning] RTPI's Irish Panel identifies key principles for retail development (30 November 2001)Journal Article
[Planning] Trust calls for moves to protect heritage icons (15 February 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Rural homes surface in Irish election campaign (3 May 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Band loses fight to save Dublin studio (12 July 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Minister seeks looser rural Irish laws (16 August 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Third party mistake puts board in a spin (6 September 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Northern Irish reforms face possible delay (11 October 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Bono attacks Dublin planning scandal (22 November 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Temple Bar: Old City development (31 January 2003)Journal Article
[Planning] Appeals fall victim to timing - third party planning appeals rejected (3 September 2004)Journal Article
[Planning] Belfast plans put focus on sustainable growth (10 December 2004)Journal Article
[Planning] Lessons to be learned from Irish planning (24 February 2006)Journal Article
[Planning] Irish seek control of rural schemes (24 March 2006)Journal Article
[Planning] Province heads for appeals meltdown (6 October 2006)Journal Article
[Planning] Network compiles UK development to keep members up to date (1791)Journal Article
[Planning] Meetings sought as service cuts threaten reform process (2009)Journal Article
[Planning] Ireland's ghost housing estates (18 November 2011)Journal Article
[Planning] Attwood vows blitz on in-tray (24 February 2012)Journal Article
[Planning] Runaway inquiry lag draws service flak (10 September 2010)Journal Article
[Planning] Belfast financial campus gains approval (3 December 2010)Journal Article
[Planning] Belfast dock plans down slipway (22 October 1993)Journal Article
[Planning] Public access threatens Irish golf club (23 August 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Belfast shifts renewal focus to north-east (31 March 2006)Journal Article
[Planning] Two strikes and retail scheme is pushed out (8 September 2000)Journal Article
[Planning] UK planners sought to fill Irish skills gap (10 March 2000)Journal Article
[Planning] Superstores limited by latest guidelines (12 January 2001)Journal Article
[Planning] Guidelines to curb Irish retail demand (19 January 2001)Journal Article
[Planning] The rocky plight of Ireland's rocky site (15 February 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Ring of defence for Giant's Causeway (5 April 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Irish architects push for forum on rural housing (14 June 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Scenarios for Northern Irish airport growth set (16 August 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Controversy stalls Belfast shop plan (20 September 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Project for Belfast quayside unveiled (11 October 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Republic poised to drop social housing measure (25 October 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Londonderry unveils urban renewal drive (1 August 2003)Journal Article
[Planning] Wealth rift emerges in Greater Belfast (17 October 2003)Journal Article
[Planning] Spatial plan offers hope of protection (10 February 2006)Journal Article
[Planning] Stadium row set to continue in Belfast: Belfast presses its case to host national arena (9 February 2007)Journal Article
[Planning] Transport to kick-start central growth for Armagh masterplan (5 June 2009)Journal Article
[Planning] New act but shake-up stalled (29 March 2011)Journal Article
[Planning] Conway Mill, Belfast (07 October 2011)Journal Article
[Planning] Local projects reap rewards: Camphill Village Community (3 December 2004)Journal Article
[Planning] Fresh visitor's centre secures approval at Giant's Causeway (1803)Journal Article
[Planning] Irish centre assent sets focus for Manchester regeneration (13 November 2009)Journal Article
[Planning] Ireland canal link lined up (1773)Journal Article
[Planning] Study ordered into future use of Maze Prison (27 June 2003)Journal Article
[Planning] Delayed Dublin spire sees light of day (7 February 2003)Journal Article
[Planning] Minimal impact ensured for wastewater facility (1 February 2008)Journal Article
[Planning] Dublin seeks national stadium saviour (20 September 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Quality housing heals scars of the Troubles (16 June 2000)Journal Article
[Planning] Northern Ireland : seeing eye to eye on more homes : there is a surprising amount of agreement over higher housing targets for the province, but the issue is not cut and dried (5 November 1999)Journal Article
[Planning] Downside of rampant Celtic tiger (8 June 2001)Journal Article
[Planning] Belfast set to tackle renewal of its most deprived districts (5 April 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Nesbitt prepares first national park (4 October 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Hope lives for Irish national stadium (15 November 2002)Journal Article
[Planning] Making deals and meeting housing need: Irish developers can offer off-site deals and land swaps to meet social housing targets (14 March 2003)Journal Article
[Planning] Regenerating Belfast: working with the Greater Shankill Partnership (4 April 2003)Journal Article
[Planning] Belfast advised to avoid oversupply (15 August 2003)Journal Article
[Planning] Transport policies fuel rift in Northern Ireland (24 October 2003)Journal Article
[Planning] Belfast tops list as best business site (23 April 2004)Journal Article
[Planning] Belfast voted best city to live in European poll (10 October 2003)Journal Article
[Planning] Renewal prioritised in Northern Ireland (6 August 2004)Journal Article
[Planning] Sizeable renewal proposed in Derry (13 October 2006)Journal Article
[Planning] Belfast warns over student house rule (1765)Journal Article
[Planning] Belfast's north side framework set out (1767)Journal Article
[Planning] Impact test urged in Northern Ireland biodiversity site review (30 October 2009)Journal Article
[Planning] Service consults on simpler format (1894)Journal Article
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