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 Divis FlatsBelfast, Northern Ireland
 Hilton HotelCollege Street, Westmoreland Street, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Tower CentreBallymena, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland
 Duiske AbbeyGraiguenamanagh, Co Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland
 Holy Cross AbbeyCo Tipperary, Republic of Ireland
 Ballintubber AbbeyBallintubber, Co Mayo, Republic of Ireland
 Rothe HouseParliament Street, Kilkenny, Co Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland
 Bunratty CastleBunratty, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland
 Roscommon CastleRoscommon, Republic of Ireland
 Trim CastleTrim, Co Meath, Republic of Ireland
 Ross CastleKillarney, Co Kerry, Republic of Ireland
 Rock of Cashel - Cormac's ChapelCashel, Co Tipperary, Republic of Ireland
 St Mel's Roman Catholic CathedralSt Mel's Square, Dublin Street, Longford Town, Co Longford
 Archer's GarageFenian Street, Dublin, Republic of Ireland / Sandwith Street, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
 Dunboy CastleCastletownbere, Co Cork, Republic of Ireland
 Killua CastleClonmellon, Co Westmeath, Republic of Ireland
 Slane CastleSlane, Co Meath, Republic of Ireland
 PowerscourtEnniskerry, Co Wicklow, Republic of Ireland
 Loughcrew HouseLoughcrew, Oldcastle, Co Meath, Republic of Ireland
 SummerhillCo Meath, Republic of Ireland
 Crom CastleCrom, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
 Parke's CastleFivemilebourne, Co Leitrim, Republic of Ireland
 Portumna CastlePortumna, Co Galway, Republic of Ireland
 Rock of Cashel - Vicars ChoralCashel, Co Tipperary, Republic of Ireland
 Knappogue CastleQuin, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland
 Dunguaire CastleCo Galway, Republic of Ireland
 King John's CastleLimerick, Republic of Ireland
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