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[Regional studies] Competitiveness and regional development : the case for Northern Ireland (1992)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Structural dependency and regional capacity in the Irish Republic (April 1997)Journal Article
[Regional studies] The role of Ireland in the new international division of labour : a proposed framework for regional analysis (1981)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Multinational enterprises and regional development: Irish evidence (1980)Journal Article
[Regional studies] ' The golden thread of innovation ' and Northern Ireland's evolving regional innovation system (June 2003)Journal Article
[Regional studies] The standard capital grants scheme in Northern Ireland : a review and assessment (1985)Journal Article
[Regional studies] The impact of new industry enterprises in Ireland: an analysis of service linkages (1981)Journal Article
[Regional studies] A regional analysis of tourism growth in Ireland (April 1994)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Economic development in Northern Ireland : has pathfinder lost its way? : a reply (October 1989)Journal Article
[Regional studies] The Standard Capital Grant in Northern Ireland 1954 - 1988 (1990)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Economic development in Northern Ireland: has Pathfinder lost its way? (1989)Journal Article
[Regional studies] An industrial and spatial analysis of new firm formation in Ireland (1984)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Population mobility and labour supply in rural regions: North Norfolk and the Galway Gaeltacht (1979)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Industrial linkages and the dual economy: the case of Northern Ireland (1978)Journal Article
[Regional studies] The Northern Ireland economy : progress (1968-75) and prospects (1977)Journal Article
[Regional studies] A preliminary assessment of recent changes in industrial development policy in Northern Ireland (1993)Journal Article
[Regional studies] External ownership of industry and government policy: some further evidence for Northern Ireland (1990)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Defining a national system of innovation: implications for Irish industrial development policy (November 1995)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Town population change in the Republic of Ireland: the need for an urban policy review (February 1996)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Rural and local development in Ireland: exploring the theory-practice interface (April 1997)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Productivity and income per capita convergence in a peripheral European economy: the Irish experience (May 1998)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Northern Ireland's environmental industry: employment forecasts to the year 2000 (August 1998)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Inward investment and the politics of peace in Northern Ireland (February 1999)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Contested borders: globalization and ethnonational conflic in Ireland (1999)Journal Article
[Regional studies] The interaction between housing markets, the development process and planning policy in the Belfast urban area (June 1996)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Pathfinder : a reply to Hitchens and Birnie (October 1989)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Ireland's emerging information economy: recent trends and future prospects (2003)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Outward FDI and the investment development path of a late-industrializing economy: evidence from Ireland (June 2003)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Measurement of social disadvantage and its spatial articulation in the Republic of Ireland (August 2007)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Revisiting the 'Informational City': space of flows, polycentricity and the geography of knowldege-intensive business services in the emerging global city region of Dublin (October 2008)Journal Article
[Regional studies] Sustainable development in post-devolution UK and Ireland (November 2008)Journal Article
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