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[Social housing] Housing commitments in new social partnership agreement (Autumn 2006)Journal Article
[Social housing] What can the next NDP deliver for social housing? (Autumn 2006)Journal Article
[Social housing] New Housing Bill published (Autumn 2008)Journal Article
[Social housing] Advances in sheltered housing for older people (Autumn 2006)Journal Article
[Social housing] Government's new housing plan: what does it envisage for social housing (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Social housing] Housing associations now managing over 20,000 homes (Summer 2007)Journal Article
[Social housing] Work in progress : Towards 2016 - first anniversary (Summer 2007)Journal Article
[Social housing] 'Managing change in social housing' - ICSH biennial social housing conference (Winter 2001)Journal Article
[Social housing] Survey findings on acquisition of land for social housing in the voluntary housing sector 2000 - 2004 (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Social housing] Risk assessment in developing housing projects (Summer 2005)Journal Article
[Social housing] Understanding governance, compliance and performance in housing management (Summer 2005)Journal Article
[Social housing] Release of state land to form the basis of new affordable housing initiative, Taoiseach tells Social Partners (Summer 2003)Journal Article
[Social housing] Waterford and Dun Laoghaire win ICSH community housing awards (Winter 2007-2008)Journal Article
[Social housing] New changes in social housing (Spring 2001)Journal Article
[Social housing] NESF report proposes new national housing authority (Autumn 2000)Journal Article
[Social housing] Voluntary and co-operative housing activity (Autumn 2002)Journal Article
[Social housing] Reports on care costs for the elderly emphasise need for more housing in the community (Summer 2003)Journal Article
[Social housing] Overhaul of housing needs assessments required (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Social housing] Advances in sheltered housing for older people (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Social housing] New directions in housing policy (Spring 2007)Journal Article
[Social housing] Rental accommodation scheme - role for housing associations (Spring 2007)Journal Article
[Social housing] Housing association output (Summer 2005)Journal Article
[Social housing] Breakthrough for sheltered housing for the elderly on the horizon? (Summer 2005)Journal Article
[Social housing] Local authorities housing indicators - measuring performance (Autumn 2006)Journal Article
[Social housing] Revenue funding for special needs projects (Autumn 2002)Journal Article
[Social housing] A year in the life of our housing system (Summer 2003)Journal Article
[Social housing] Minister increases funding limits for housing associations (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Social housing] Developer led Part V still struggling (Summer 2005)Journal Article
[Social housing] Disability strategy & housing for people with disabilities (Autumn 2006)Journal Article
[Social housing] Implementing Part V of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (Spring 2002)Journal Article
[Social housing] 2003 at a glance housing statistics published (Summer 2004)Journal Article
[Social housing] Clear priorities for tackling homelessness emerge (Spring 2006)Journal Article
[Social housing] Building rural communities (Spring 2001)Journal Article
[Social housing] Sourcing building land a greater challenge (Autumn 2005)Journal Article
[Social housing] The National Anti Poverty Strategy and housing (Spring 2002)Journal Article
[Social housing] Report on property rights in the Constitution published (Summer 2004)Journal Article
[Social housing] New guidance on governance and procurement from ICSH (Spring 2007)Journal Article
[Social housing] Homeless preventative strategy launched (Spring 2002)Journal Article
[Social housing] Housing strategies - what role for housing associations (Spring 2001)Journal Article
[Social housing] Improving access to housing for people with disabilities (Spring 2007)Journal Article
[Social housing] ICSH seminar on supported housing (Spring 2001)Journal Article
[Social housing] Implementing the Planning & Development Act 2000 : developing mixed-tenure housing (Winter 2001)Journal Article
[Social housing] Local Authorities housing strategies (Winter 2001)Journal Article
[Social housing] Capacity building direction for housing associations (Autumn 2002)Journal Article
[Social housing] 'Special needs' management cost (Spring 2001)Journal Article
[Social housing] New development levies raise fears over house prices (Winter 2003)Journal Article
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