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[Urban studies] A continental ambience? Lessons in managing alcohol-related evening and night-time entertainment from four European capitals (2006)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Power and policy networks in urban governance : local government and property-led regeneration in Dublin (2000)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Economic restructuring and the realignment of the urban planning system: the case of Dublin (1994)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Change and continuity in the Irish urban system 1966-1981 (1995)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Listening to communities: locality research and planning (1999)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Determinants of population growth in urban centres in the Republic of Ireland (2001)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Marketing the urban experience : reflections on the place of fear in the promotional strategies of Belfast, Detroit and Berlin (2001)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Leadership, power and multisector urban regeneration partnerships (2006)Journal Article
[Urban studies] An indicator-based approach to measuring sustainable urban regeneration performance : Part 2 : empirical evaluation and case-study analysis (2004)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Tax-based mechanisms in urban regeneration : Dublin and Chicago models (2002)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Contesting territorial fixity : a case study of regeneration in Belfast (2011)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Written and unwritten building conventions in a contested city : the case of Belfast (2009)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Components of manufacturing employment change in Ireland 1973 - 1981 (1984)Journal Article
[Urban studies] The local housing system in Craigavon, Northern Ireland: ethno-religious residential segregation, socio-tenurial polarisation and sub-markets (2000)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Regional spatial policy for economic growth : lessons from the deployment of collaborative planning in Northern Ireland (2007)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Employment sub-centres and travel-to-work mode choice in the Dublin region (August 2008)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Bridging and linking in a divided society : a social capital case from Northern Ireland (2011)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Community cohesion and social inclusion : unravelling a complex relationship (2011)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Desegregation and place restructuring in the new Belfast (May 2011)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Reclaiming respectability ? the class-cultural dynamics of crime, community and governance in inner-city Dublin (May 2011)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Housing supply and residential segregation in Ireland (2010)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Immigration and socio-spatial segregation in Dublin, 1996-2006 (2010)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Governance deficits in residential housing estates in Ireland (2009)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Implictions of neo-liberalism for built heritage management : institutional and ownership stuctures in Ireland and Sweden (2006)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Mortgage finance and housing provision in Ireland, 1970-1990 (1995)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Energy trade-offs and market responses in transport and residential land-use patterns : promoting sustainable development policy (2001)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Young people, job search and local labour markets : the example of Belfast (2005)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Capacity-building, representation and intracommunity conflict (2004)Journal Article
[Urban studies] The socio-spatial construction of (in)accessible public toilets (2001)Journal Article
[Urban studies] Spatial mobility intentions, the labour market and incapacity benefit claimants : evidence from Northern Ireland (2011)Journal Article
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